Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fabulous FunkyBand 2014 - Video Year in Review

Fabulous FunkyBand + Garrick Davis 2014 in Review

This playlist indicates that "the dream" is alive and well! The first video "Life, Bittersweet." was actually part of a solo performance for a worthy fundraiser three days before the end of 2013. Close enough, we think, to start off what should be described as the "Year of Transition" from a majority of Garrick Davis solo shows to following a gut feeling and pulling the Fabulous FunkyBand together for what really was handful of shows with the original core of GD, Zach, Grant and AJ supplemented with the great percussionist D. Edward and for the first band show of 2014 Steven Sofranko on organ at Club Fox in Redwood City.

Further down the list you'll find Garrick's solo TV appearance on the Bruce Latimer show performing a new instrumental(so far) called "Awakening", three videos from a FunkyBand performance in San Francisco on the tiniest stage we could hope to fit on shot by Ralph Waylonis of Rude Quacker Productions. Ralph also caught a particularly potent May solo/duo performance at an acoustic club in SF called "The Lost Church" catching Garrick's version of what eventually becomes Jimi Hendrix' "Voodoo Child" as well as a, emotionally intimate duo performance of "Expose Your Self" punctuated by Zach's beautiful piano solo and how he "hands off" improvisational duties to his father who compliments the moment on electric guitar. Nice, real nice!

The FunkyBand added guitarist Russell Golub to the roster in late summer just in time for his first show with the band in early October. Unfortunately there is no video for this performance but is was definitely a promising start! Two weeks later FFB performed a 5-song set as the feature band for an open mic. This set (performed without soundcheck) was videotaped on Garrick's video recorder. An audience member pressed the record button and what you see is what you get - the camera wasn't on the correct setting - The figures on the stage are dark but the musical performances were "enlightening" as was the audience reaction. Note the audience talking at the beginning of "Expose Your Self" and how quiet they were for the piano/guitar solos! That's a great audience!!!

The last performance of 2014 for the FFB was at Garrick's Wedding to his long time love Zsuzsanna. There are no recording available for this but a photo of this moment can be found at

2015 should be a remarkable year for the Fabulous FunkyBand as Garrick begins writing inspired new material that will carry a foundational message of truth, love and unity. FFB's goal for the year is to perform, perform, perform!! Garrick will be joined by Zach for a brief 2-week tour in Europe in September as a duo after Garrick meets his Hungarian-born wife's family and friends.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Worth Fighting For

 Hello friends, GD/FFB fans, and general well-wishers!
You must be thinking HOORAY! a "Walking The Walk" Newsletter from Garrick Davis, one of your favorite guitarist/singer/songwriter's in the whole wide world! If that's not what you're thinking, then as the saying goes: "To know me is to love me" or as this "new era's" central theme will bear out: "To know us is to love us!"
It seems I've been in 'exile' as a solo player over the past 4 years to avoid the complexity of fronting a band and what that entails. How easy it is and has been to play shows and not have to set up rehearsals around other lives, to not have to find the right(and available) musician to fill in a spot if a regular player can't make the gig. To not be concerned about having enough pay at the end of the night to make it worth someone's time, in spite of the mutual gratification of the work itself.
Something has happened over the past year that has changed my thinking. Perhaps a new perspective was in order as can be the case as we pass through different stages of life. I have gone out to see a lot of live music beginning in the early part of this year, mostly local artists and bands but some major acts too.
I've seen some really good shows, some great moments and that people were putting it all out on the line and doing it "together", musician-to-musician, musician-to-audience, etc.. Different scenes: Rock shows, Punk shows, Jazz, Blues, Singer-Songwriter.
What I felt in my heart upon seeing this beautiful, inspiring energy of music artists and musicians initally was that all the monumental efforts I and others had made throughout the first decade of the 21st century to establish a presence on the musical field had vanished. The momentum had left the building and one of the most annoying things is that what I do, my style, could not be identified exclusively into any one of those aforementioned genres(Rock, Jazz,Singer-Songwriter, etc.).
At one time I was told I am "unmarketable" (maybe that was a racial "slur" aimed at an African-American who did write or perform Jazz, R&B or Hip Hop, you get the picture). I now understand that certain parties didn't know what they were talking about, they just were too lazy or afriad to buck the usial trend. More importantly, they didn't know who I was, as I was being represented by an attorney who "definitely got paid" for his time.
Those that had invested in my rather 'late start' as a 40-year-old with a debut album into perhaps the most competitive industry on the planet still hadn't given up on whatever vibe I had created. Of course neither had I - I had been "away" between 2009-12 but always working - teaching(private guitar), writing and self-producing and engineering my greatest, most vivid work to date in Expose Your Self. Working to get better and in the meantime discover something inside had me feel as if I am letting "my people" down in not doing all I can to celebrate the talent I've been blessed with and "putting it all on the line" with and for people who want to Walk the Walk with me and this music that comes pouring out of my own soul with tangible results.
Something changed. Through a period of introspective soul-searching I came to find I had lost my sense of community and with that I forgot about my own "prime directive" which is to develop and use my certain talent as a means to bring people together. To have fun culled from the intense work and vision/hope I carry as a bandleader!
I am a creative. In the realm of organization and marketing I am...well, not as good as someone I might be inclined to hire for 'their' expertise. I have been slow and sometimes lost because I've not had someone or some people to pass the ball off to from time to time. Could or should this be the answer I give to those who have asked me "why are you not famous?" 
My satisfaction of working with others for a common cause, et al, isn't limited to the stage or studio. In getting people to come to shows I feel as though I'm working with a potential audience so that we may experience a mutually beneficial and spiritual uplift. I employ musicians of the highest caliber so they may utilize their skills and talent and go home with some money in their pocket for their time that doesn't quite equal the compensation given to those in the field of High Tech or even a short-sighted greedy attorney, not to mention the years of skill building.
The common cause is in sharing the ritual of the live performance and the emotional connection brought about by rhythms, melodies, messages and the vital audience response we call applause. This is something I knew I wanted to do ever since I heard Peter and The Wolf at age 3 already having sung in front of a church audience at 2-1/2.
I actually got an "early start" when I think about it. It's only now as my aging parents, who have believed in me from the beginning, show me the inescapable life direction in which we all will go that I feel a sense of urgency to continue to do the things I really believe matter in life...production, connection and Love.
As I begin to mount a new "offensive" to get my music out into the frenetic world we occupy, I feel focused and know that what I hope to add to the world and the lives I hope to touch in doing so is a cause worth fighting for.  I have never understood the gravity of my quest more vividly than now, especially with my mother, Marie, telling me why she has and will never give up on a worthy cause, which in this case is me. That is fuel for another blog.
FinallyI have never been more forgiving of those people who I wish would come to shows, but don' part of the fight involves getting you/them to know who I am so that they may see themselves in me. This fight is not about me as much as it is to persevere with grace and fully-loaded enthusiasm. No ego need show up.